The new symbol of the European side of Istanbul

The new Project of NLOGO İSTANBUL is going to be the symbol of the european side of İstanbul , by offering a big social opportunities and possibilities that make life more fun and well-being , Where inspired by the lifestyle of Nature.
Nlogo istanbul . aims to create “Happy Homeowners” With the amenities and services primarily .
We started our way to plan and design the project from five-star to be the door that will guide you through to the world of magic and fantasy.

Luxury in the heart of the city
The project, which was built on 310,000 square meters, a total of 2550 apartment , and Passes from the heart of it ” CADDE ISTANBUL “street, which consists of 59 shops , Which combines the concepts of comfort and luxury style is unique.
CADDE ISTANBUL Turn your attention attracts by its details and architectural and artistic stores , which are chosen from the finest brands and trademarks, To make you live shopping fun at the top grades. Besides, there is a chain of restaurants that are designed in a way that simulates the distinctive tastes and all communities.
CADDE ISTANBUL Contains a selection of local and international brands, for both, restaurants or other needs .this street will make ESENYURT Of the most attractive places and attractive for those wishing to walking or shopping.

The most enjoyable moments 
Nlogo Istanbul is our dream, and your passion for your five-star life
The most important mission of facilities and services that we offer throughout the project is to create a ‘Happy Homeowners’.
Nlogo Istanbul project which is candidate to become the new logo of Istanbul European Side. With its social opportunities Provides you with the future of successful investment and a life full of happiness.

The most Precious Moments 
We know very well that the time factor is one of the most important factors in a modern life and in daily business busy schedule. That is why we offer you this our project, which is characterized located near all of the trade centers in the city and close to commercial centers the European side of Istanbul , and the site does not admit the crisis of traffic congestion experienced by the city.

Most delicious shares , most beautiful dreams 
We know very well that the time factor is one of the most important factors in a modern life and in daily business busy Schedule . All the shops and entertainment at your fingertips, we offer you our project through this all the luxuries and comfort away from the traffic jams and nervous tension and you are in the heart of the European side of Istanbul.

Happiest moments
We promise you a happy and pleasant and healthy life, full of excitement and fun in the heart of the European side of Istanbul. When taking a break from sports Nlogo, vitamin bar will be at your service with a variety of fruit cocktails and healthy products . Our aim here in NLOGO İSTANBUL is to make a positive change in your life through a combination of entertainment, sports and social life .

Property Features

  • Basketball court
  • Children's Games Room
  • Children's play parks
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Gym
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Lobby Cafe Bar
  • Movie Theater
  • Ornamental Pools
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Recreation Areas
  • Sauna
  • Turkish Bath
  • Walking trails
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